Thursday, October 05, 2006

Welcome To The Black Parade


At 1:31 am, Blogger Lauren said...

did anyone hear them on c4 this evening? (oct 28th)

Oh Gerard, what were you doing? What o what and why? Sorry but Frank was singing better and all he says is "trust me"!!!!
And you have such a nice voice too, so unflat! And your debut was raw so I know it's not studio effects! :(

Maybe it was just a cold....

RIGHT, maybe he'll read that (Gerard if you read that please leave me a comment becuase I love you)

how is everyone then?

At 4:27 pm, Blogger allie said...

I'm guuuuuurd

He better buck up his ideas before we see them...maybe it wasn't really him? Like, a clone or something? It's an idea...

I researched Matt stuff! Bit of e vegetarian extremist, but whatever. HOT!

love xxxxxx

At 6:50 pm, Blogger Lauren said...

Gerard colne, that'll be it!

told you, Matt Lush = YUMMY!


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