Saturday, September 30, 2006

YOINK off Allie

Put Itunes on shuffle, dont cheat.

Here are my answers;

Opening credits: Met On The Internet - Betty Curse (ooh goth pop toilet girl!)

Waking up: In This World (Murder) - Good Charlotte (one word - EEMMOO!!)

Average day: The Egyptians Song - Zombina And The Skeletones (doesn't work at all. Not even slighlty)

First date: Can't Stop - Chilli Peppers (not bad, not bad)

Falling in love: Home Sweet Homicide - Wednesday 13 (you'll be the death of me, baby, my home sweet homicide! TRUE THAT!)

Love scene: I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones (he's really THAT bad?!?!?)

Fight scene: Hey Wierdos - Zombina And The Skeletones (nice one!)

Breaking up: Headfirst For Halos - My Chemical Romance (brilliant, perfect!)

Making up: God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols (are you thinking what I'm thinking?)

Secret love: Right On Time - Chilli Peppers (erm, nope)

Life's okay: Ape Man - Zombina And The Skeletones (would work for that one ^)

Mental Breakdown: Hang Em' High - My Chemical Romance (well it does have alot of angst!)

Driving: This Is Hallowe'en - Nightmare Before Christmas(well thats a bit STUPID!)

Learning a lesson: Heart Attack - Sum 41 (learning not to eat so much fast food)

Deep thought:The New Orleans Incident - Zombina And The Skeletones (RIGHT GOOD!!)

Flashback: Sum 41 Stuff - Sum 41 (actually a song about flashback!)

Happy dance: Signal And Sign - Maximo Park (not that happy is it, Whats My Age Again would be better)

Regretting: The Fallen Interlude - Blink 182 (YOU BETTER REGRET THAT SPLIT GUYS!!)

Long night alone: Welcome To Paradise - Green Day (becuase I do so like being alone)

Final Battle: Drowning Lessons - My Chemical Romance (this is a battle with my own depression and mental illness is it?)

Death scene: Haunt Me - Wednesday 13 (oooh good one)

Closing credits: Riot Girl - Good Charlotte (although this song is now a dirty lie, yes, I like it.)

Have fun with it…..

I wanna do that again. I think I'm going to as a comment.... :)


At 1:15 am, Blogger Lauren said...

I wanted to do it again.. SO I DID!! HAHAHAHAAAA

Opening credits: No Brains - Sum 41 (no I don't)

Waking up: Never Wake Up - Sum 41 (thats contractiary)

Average day: Going Missing - Maximo Park (yep, works nicely)

First date:Gotta Get Away - Offspring (haahaa)

Falling in love: Seventeen - Sex Pistols (oh coz that makes sense!)

Love scene: Aroud The World - Chilli Peppers (honeymoon OBVIOUSLY)

Fight scene:We Belive - Good Charlotte (well, the video is a war scene so yeh why not)

Breaking up: Throw Away Your Television - Chilli Peppers (and take HIS!)

Making up: Tonights The Night - Pink (Pink, oooh the shame! She's goof though)

Secret love:The Grave...& Beyond! - Zombina And The Skeletones (yep, I date dead guys)

Life's okay: I'm Not Okay - My Chemical Romance (how silly)

Mental Breakdown: Burried By Christmas - Wednesday 13 (meh, makes sense I think)

Driving:Walk Away (Maybe) - Good Charlotte (NO! weren't you listening? DRIVE AWAY!!)

Learning a lesson: Graveyard - Mest(EEMMOO!! But I love it so)

Deep thought: I Like Dirt - Chilli Peppers (no thats not even slightly deep)

Flashback: Emo - Blink 182 (*nods*)

Happy dance: My Everything - Goldfinger (no thats NOT hapy)

Regretting: Little Things - Good Charlotte (would work in opposite land..)

Long night alone:The First Kiss Cuts Deepest - Zombina And The Skeletones (one of my fave songs EVER and it works well too)

Final Battle: Burnout - Green Day (meh if you insist)

Death scene: Geek Stink Breath - Green Day (oh. it's like that is it)

Closing credits: Met On The Internet - Betty Curse (and so we did.. OR WAS IT THE LOOS AT CORP?)

Have fun with it…..

At 7:40 pm, Blogger Pippa said...

u seem 2 hav about 4 or 5 different bands on ur ipod...GET A BIT OF VARIETY GIRL!!! or u shall becum musically stunted ... and ur hair will grow curly (no, w8 dats crusts...)

pippa xxx

ps - how's ur car !!!???

At 1:26 am, Blogger Lauren said...

I have *wait whilst I go look* 52 bands/artists (mainly bands, only Wednesday 13 and Marilyn Manson for artists) just seems that my ipod likes those 5 particular bands most.. random

Reasonably varied too if I do say so myself, although the majorty can be losely split into punk or emo.....

:) I had a good day today


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