Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Is there anything Billie Joe can't do?

I got these make-up tips off the Green Day website (which is funnily enough) and they are BLOODY BRILLIANT! If you're going for the, and I quote, "yeh, I did this during an earthquake look" that is.

okay, so here is how Billie Joe does eyeliner (if his music career fails him this man could become a make-up artist! GENIUS!)

"You wanna do this about 30 mins before you go wherever you're gonna go to give it time to settle down,
Start with no make-up on then take your eyeliner and hold it under a match for a bit, just untill it starts to go all shiny and runnyish. It's important to hold it under the match or it'll catch fire and that's bad.
Put it all over the bottom of your eyes, top too if you're really punk, just make sure its all over the place.
Then you wanna screw your eyes shut as hard as you can untill you start to feel a bit dizzy, right before you fall over open your eyes and stare at something, not someone coz you'll scare them. You're allowed to blink at this point but try not too. Anyway, do this for about a minute.
Been a minute, don't touch your lovely new eye make-up for a while or you might wreck it but yeh, your pretty much done! It'll look a bit shit for a bit though, you gotta wait a white for it to spread out a bit, remember I told you to do this 30 min before you go out? See, I know what I'm on about, I'm not a bumbling idiot!"

Works, soooo well, YOU GOTTA TRY THIS!