Monday, April 10, 2006

Let's make a list of good stuff in Sheffield

1. we have Mark Hoppus's bass! And we can go see it for FREE! YEH!
2. Ski Village! You can ski(board if you're cool like me) in summer!
3. The Artic Monkeys are Sheffieldish! THEY PLAYED AT THE BOARDWALK!
4. Kerrang says we have the best Skate,Punk and Metal club in the UK i.e. Corp. :)

Okay I cant think of anymore... why don't you go ahead and add your own good stuff..



At 4:37 pm, Blogger allie said...

wow, that's a good list! Okay, here's mine :

Sheffield has a 'booming' music scene (that's what wikapedia said) and I guess it's true-we have t'arctic monkeys, milburn(google them), we gave birth to cocker...and def leppard, but we'll brush over that fact...Oh! and Punk on a Bicycle and the Denby Mangoes, of course :)

We make cutlery! Now where would the world be without cutlery, I ask you?

It is the epicentre of all things northern. If that's a good thing (yes, i know manchester is the 'capital' of the north-but it's not half as good as sheffield)

the ski village-lots of bits of carpet that you can ski/snowbaord/toboggan/fall down. What more could a person ask for?

sheffield's the greenest city in europe. So there. Not sure how they measure that-probably the city with the most square metres of woodland

FREEMAN'S RETRO!-it's a good shop, and i'm running low on ideas...

And, as Lauren already pointed out-WE ALL LIVE HERE!


At 4:45 pm, Blogger allie said...

here's a fact:

tha clash played their first ever gig at the boardwalk, on a bill that also included the sex pistols and the buzzcocks.

wow, I wish I'd been at that gig...

At 6:43 pm, Blogger Lauren said...

I like that Clash/Sex Pistols/Buzzcocks fact. Here's a plan thats DEFINATLY going to work!
1.We track down Bill and Ted (or Dr Who would work, its just less bodacious)
2.We perswade them to take us to that gig in the phone box thing
And if there's time we go to the Sum 41/GC/MEST thing in 2003 that I'm never going to live down missing. Or go see The Darkness again. The Warped Tour in the 60's And we could fit in Blink 182 too. And Green Day before they were cool. And I suppose we could go to The Beatles, seeing as I dragged you to that Sum 41/GC/MEST thing. Actually, lets just go see EVERYTHING!

I already said Ski Village, Its FRESHman's Retro and NO shop that sells second hand Cons/Chucks whatever you call them is good in my mind but each to thier own, but the rest of you're list is good. I'll add them :)

At 10:53 pm, Blogger allie said...

oh yeah, freeshamns retro...waht a dickweed. I can be so dumb sometimes :)

I LOVE the plan. I'm scared of doctor who, I want bill and ted...NO! MARTY McFLY IN BACK TO THE FUTURE....they can all take us. In fact, they have to fight over who takes us in a gladiators-esque type thing....yes indeed....

We could go and see whatever we amazing would that be?

At 11:12 pm, Blogger Lauren said...

meh, let's ditch Dr Who, he's not cool enough.


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