Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fairly Un-Intresting Links

A Nintendo ad starring GC ((?)what awful guitaristisum(<SO A REAL WORD!))
And to get you all in a The Darknessy mood.... SWEET MERCY A GAME!
Only strange people don't like Mest (seen that ad for T-Mobile with the people who see the future? Mest made a cover of the background song on that ad.)
Concerning to Quartet Tributes, there are only samples for GC and the link buggers up my page. Let me kow if you want to hear and I'll post it on my other page.



At 6:21 pm, Blogger allie said...

hehehehe. not sure what the white suit thingy was about though-not good.

Can you imagine that? If we went to see them and billy didn't come on? We would have to comfort you for like, ever.

At 7:06 pm, Blogger Lauren said...

White suit? I'll watch again, hold on..
okay I'm back, thats more of a sleevless hoodie than a suit... You should see the outfit he wore to MTV awards last year. It's borderline abuse on the stylist's behalf.

Okay, quick head count, there a four on the sofa, four on stage then billy..... they grew another! Is that good or really bad?

I'd expect I go backstage, chuck the playstaion out the window rock and roll style and drag him on stage.
Okay I'd open the door, gasp/scream, get given a dirty look and die happy.


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